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Firstek International is pleased to bring you this introduction to our comprehensive and unique range of value-added services. This is backed by a core of professional technological skills and powerful applications capability. Check us out - and see how we can help you save on time and cost!
Company Profile

Firstek International is a technology-focused solutions provider. With applications expertise across information technology and engineering areas, our value-added services are designed to help industry and businesses achieve cost reductions and improved performance.

Competitive forces dictate that businesses leverage every available advantage that improves their efficiency and customer focus. But, in a business world characterized by constant change, how can you achieve these aims without corresponding input of resources? Productive business alliance is an innovative and highly efficient way of doing this. It can be powerfully effective, since it allows you to factor in our experience and attributes to your benefit. It is a winning approach because, quite simply, we have made it our business to create and deliver value. Here’s how.

Firstek International operates along three separate but interlinked business units. Industrial Solutions, e-Business Solutions, and Product Solutions. Each Unit aims to transform our experience and knowledge into a real solutions providing tangible benefits.

Our Mission

To maintain our leading position through continued focus on your needs - by offering cost-effective, value-added solutions that meet your requirements, within professional and ethical guidelines.