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ACT I: Static Web sites were the beginning...

ACT II: Dynamic Web sites do things, know things, know people, interact with people, talk to data, crunch data, handle money, save money, make money and are just downright cool!

The Firstek Advantage

The World Wide Web is an exciting medium – a dynamic platform to economically deliver product information, news, services and other information resources while expanding your customer base and fostering closer working relationships with partners. Accessible 24 hours a day, it dissolves all national, geographical and time zonal limitations. The Internet is experiencing exponential growth, as more and more businesses embrace it as a vital communications tool. At Firstek, we are committed to the concept of online business, and can help you achieve your goals by realizing the potential of this dynamic medium.

Our Information Systems Unit produces full service Internet solutions, optimized for small and medium sized businesses. We understand and respond to their needs.

Our qualified team comprises of strategists, technology architects, and designers with an exceptional range of interdisciplinary expertise.

The Case For e-Commerce…

Internet technologies provide powerful tools to the corporate world for marketing, sales, customer support, and training. The centerpiece remains the Web site. To be effective, it must deliver functionality, interactivity, and transactional services that help drive and convert the target traffic.

E-commerce is the successful application, integration and management of Internet based technologies to business processes. It should also provide your customers with a gateway for value and service, and an interactive experience that leads through to repeat business.

The Challenges…

Business and technological developments will continue transforming the commercial and industrial landscapes. And, as these forces and their impacts feed through, businesses that have learned to creatively harness the ongoing developments and to deliver value to their customers will thrive.

The key challenge lies in the timely recognition of the potential significance of the changes, and to successfully respond to the ensuing business dynamics. The potential rewards are high, including the generation of new and sustainable revenue streams.

A Smoother Transition…

The technologies provide the enabling tools to implement key business processes within the powerfully efficient medium of the Web. Successful migration to the new platform, however, involves changes that necessarily add a layer of complexity. This is where we can help, to meaningfully address the issues and the technologies.

We can produce and deploy an integrative e-business solution, right from initial strategic review through to implementing a leading edge, fully hosted interactive Web platform with ongoing site maintenance, transactional functionality and back-end integration. Or, where required, address a specific issue.

Ultimately, however, technology provides the empowering tools. It must be creatively applied during project integration, to bring the end result seamlessly together. It is this best practice skill that allows us to produce an elegant and compelling Web presence. To give you the advantage of a professionally produced, Web-based commercial rollout. And that is the significant difference!