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In our Industrial Solutions Unit, we have marshalled together diverse engineering skills and industry knowledge, providing a platform to critically evaluate industrial applications. This pool of applications expertise forms the cornerstone of our services, allowing us to translate industrial problems into informed recommendations and optimum solutions.

Including Process Plant Controls, Factory Automation, Piping and Instrumentation Systems, Plant Mechanical Systems and Rotating Machinery, Process Engineering Fabrication, Packaged Process Plant, Production Machinery, and more.
Key Benefits…
  • Value addition is our core operating concept, producing solutions that offer improved functionality, performance, cost-effectiveness, and convenience.
  • We offer total solutions and, with effective project management, a one-stop solutions resource for industrial systems and technologies.
  • Our independence ensures that solutions are tailored to your needs, and not the other way round.

We Can…
  • Provide computer-based controls, instrumentation solutions, and systems integration.
  • Help identify savings through retrofit technologies and improved process energy management.
  • Supply process skids, engineered and fabricated to requirement.
  • Evaluate plant systems upgrades, for greater operational flexibility.
  • Propose alternatives such as biotechnology, for reduced environmental impact.
  • Recommend collaborative partners for technology or equity participation.
Across Different Industries…
  • Oil and Gas Production and Refining, Chemicals and Petrochemicals, Manufacturing Industries.
  • Primary Metals and Mining Operations, Process and Conversion Industries, Food and Drinks.
  • Water, Gas and Power Generation Utilities, Wastewater Treatment.

We can help you achieve all the important goals outlined, and more …under the best cost-time curve. And that is the significant difference!

Here are some specific areas we can provide solutions for:
  • Compressors, Pumps, Turbines, Flow Meters, and other Rotating Machinery.
  • Pipeline, Control and Valve Systems.
  • Process and Engineering Skids.
  • Engineering Plastics.
  • Specialty Foundry Castings and Equipment, Refractories.
  • Pneumatic and Hydraulic Systems.
  • Packaging Equipment and Controls.
  • Machine Tools and Special Purpose Tools.
  • Materials Handling Systems and Weighing Systems.
  • Engineering equipment for Power Generation.
  • Fire Protection, Alarm and Gas Detector Safety Systems.
  • Building Management Systems and controls.
  • Control Systems and Monitoring Instrumentation.
  • Industrial and Environmental Pollution Monitoring, Analysis, Treatment and Controls.
  • Customized Panels, Fabrications and Assembly.
  • Safety Training and Education.